Entry #1

Thanks to all who view my art!

2009-08-01 02:51:31 by EyeSeaThings

Thanks everyone! Especially New Grounds! This is awesome. Thanks for the views and the comments, please keep visiting, I got LOADS of stuff to put on here. Make requests too, I may have time to do quick fun stuff, or have something you're looking for! Tell your friends!


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2009-08-01 03:15:20

You're really skilled. I especially like Opening Pandora's Box.


2009-08-02 17:10:24

great stuff man, and I see you're from CCAD! I'm planning on going there next year after I finish up my last year of high school--hope I'm making a good decision


EyeSeaThings responds:

if you are going for Illustration, I would say look elsewhere. No offense, but it wasn't the greatest experience. Check out Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. I visited there in April, I think, and it was AWESOME! Anyway, any questions you have, let me know. i'd be more than happy to help. I've been to 3 colleges, so I know what to look for.
Cheers! :)


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